The Song & The Dance

The Song and the Dance:   This spring I brought home two new Alaskan Malamute puppies:  Nordiclight's Winter Dance and Nordiclight's Winter Song,  Dax and Ahna, for every day use.  Howling amounts to singing into the wind.  Wolves do it. Northern dogs to it.  I love listening to them do it.  As for the dance,  isn't that what the body does  when the wind asks and our entire physical being  just can't help but answer.  Dax 'n' Ahna will be sled dogs. When the wind asks, their bodies will say yes and they will run! 


Howling is a song without words. Running into the wind is an unchoreographed dance. Writing, for me, is to impose both words and choreography on the song and dance of being alive.  When I write I am asking you, the reader the reader, to join me in making sense of this lived experience.  But most of all, when I write, I am inviting you, the reader, to join me in celebrating being alive.





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